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Posted on 17 gennaio 2017

Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk about an Italian brand based in Genova, BeYourBag.


The brand was born in 2015 by the idea of Elena and Giacomo, the latter designer and son of Marco Pieri, an Italian company founded fourty years ago in Genova and which designs and produces bags, accessories and travel bags.

BeYourBag is a new concept which combines artisanal know-how with intuition and innovation. Indeed, BeYourBag allows you to create an unique personalised accessory tailor made to your style.

How to create your unique BeYourBag:

On the official website of the brand you can discover 7 different Collections: 

- Be One
- Be Teddy
- Be Exotic
- Be Romantic
- Be Haiku
- Be Classic
- Be The Artist

You can choose the collection which most suits your style and then start customizing your BeYourBag.
First of all you start selecting your favourite bag model between the followings:

                    Tote Bag  -  Big Satchel Bag  -  Small Satchel Bag  -  Beauty  -  Trousse 

Then you can choose your favourite print (between those available in each collection), add your monograms (matching the print or not, as you prefer), add the leather straps, the lining (striped or  dotted) and a message or quote on the inside!

Isn'it it just great? :)

The materials used to create each BeYourBag are excellent: each item is made of a special thermal sublimation textile which guarantees brilliant colors so the shades you see on your monitor will be the same once printed! (No bad surprises!)

Plus, these textiles are waterproof and REACH certified, which guarantees each product respect your health and the environment. The straps are made of Italian leather and resist sun damage and wear.

My experience:

I decided to create my BeYourBag starting from the Be Exotic Collection which includes a beautiful peacock feather print which I chosed in blue. Then I added my monograms in Colibrì print to create a strong contrast with the blue peacock background, added black straps and my name printed on the striped lining. 

While my bag was being created I received an email with a picture of my under-construction bag, a very nice idea to have a preview of the final result! ;)

When I received the bag I was so amazed to see how realistic the print was! Absolutely beautiful and perfect in each detail.


If you're looking for a bag which actually represents you, which you can adapt to your style then BeYourBag is the right choice!  
P.S.: Keep it mind for birthday and graduation presents, a BeYourBag gift will surely surprise who receives it ;)

BeYourBag contacts:

Website: www.beyourbag.it

Facebook: www.facebook.com/beyourbagit

Instagram: www.instagram.com/beyourbagit

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