agosto 2015


Golden Butterflies - Annoushka Fine Jewelry

Posted on 25 agosto 2015

Hi everyone!

Today I want to share with you a jewel collection I lost my head for: I'm talking about "Annoushka" 's Butterflies collection.
Some of the best pieces of the collection are presented as follow; I think words are really unnecessary ;)

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Mediterrean holidays on board Msc Preziosa!

Posted on 17 agosto 2015

Hi everyone!

Today I want to share with you some pics taken during my holidays on board Msc Preziosa!
Most people think that cruise holidays are most suitable to families or couples looking for relaxation but I can confirm that this kind of holiday is perfect for teens and young people too as it is offers the opportunity to visit several cities (and countries) in very little time and to have an amazing time on board.
On board Msc Preziosa in particular you can't get bored: gym, spa, jacuzzis, pools, theater, Formula 1 simulator, 4D cinema are just some of the activities MSC has organized for its guests and let me say that a week cruising the Mediterrean is an unique experience to try at least once in life! :)

Cagliari - Sardinia

Palma - Mallorca

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Lana del Rey "High by the Beach" - The Peacock's Voice Instrumental Cover!

Posted on 14 agosto 2015

Hi there ! Here is my instrumental cover of

 "High By The Beach" by Lana del Rey!

Piano part by Manu - all info in the description box ;) 

Do you like it? Let me know your opinion!!


Designer of the month - Johanna Ortiz!

Posted on 11 agosto 2015

Hi there!

Today I'm back with my usual post "designer of the month"!

This month I've choosen Johanna Ortiz,

"...Colombian designer on everyone’s radar who believes showing off your shoulders and neck is sexier than a tight dress. Her recent rise to fame can be credited to a particular off-the-shoulder top that has since become her signature. For Resort the Colombian designer (and name on everyone's lips) plays up her trademark femininity with ruffled blouses and pleated orchid-print dresses. Each silhouette is expertly crafted to accentuate the shoulders and waist, never leaving aside that trademark sexy twist"(ModaOperandi)

One of my latest Polyvore sets including  one of Ortiz's most amazing creations: the "Poppy" dress!

To shop Johanna Ortiz visit:

For more about the stylist: