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Shades of Tiffany

Posted on 28 agosto 2014


Lovely di fra3 contenente Clinique

Sleeve top: Zimmermann
Pencil skirt: Jane Norman
Pumps: Dolce & Gabbana 
Clutch: Tiffany
Watch: Tiffany

Perfume: La Perla
Eyeshadow: Clinique
Body mosturizer: Kora Cosmetics

Half sleeve top

Jane Norman pencil skirt
$46 -

Clinique eyeshadow

La Perla fragrance
$65 -


Cheers - Pic of the Day

Posted on 22 agosto 2014

Hi everyone!
This is my Pic of teh day!  I took this photograph last week while having a drink on the rocks ;)
Below the original pic in higher resolution ;)

I didn't planned it; two guys in front of me were having a drink and I capture the moment with my Nikon;) There is very little retouch in the light, I hope you like it and...

Have a great weekend my friends ;)


Going to the gym - Silver details

Posted on 21 agosto 2014

Goin to the gym

Goin to the gym di fra3 contenente satchel handbags

Most celebs such as Rosie Hunington Whiteley go to the gym with their sporty outfit already on but with exclusive bags and shoes.

We all know that going to the gym can become quite boring consequently it's a good idea to change the machines, to alternate weights and cardio but choosing the right outfit sometimes can also make a difference ;)
Opt for a total black, slimming workout outfit and add some metallic details ;)
Avoiding boredom in the gym it's very important in order not to stop working out to achieve your goals and starting beating routine even before the lesson starts it's a very good way to give your fitness time more vivacity ;)

Items' links:

Adidas activewear pants
$63 -

Sports bra
$70 -

Vans shoes
$125 -

Givenchy satchel handbag


All that Glitters: Best of fall 2014 sparkling accessories!

Posted on 20 agosto 2014

All that Glitters

All that Glitters by fra3 featuring a mineral eyeshadow

Dark gold-brown glitters are a must have for Fall-Winter 2014!
From the Maison Martin Margiela clutch to the Jimmy Choo heels the top accessories for the next cold season are going to be sparkling and amazing!
We will also be able to match them with make up! Eyeshadows, eyeliner and nail polish top shades of the months to come are in fact in the same shades of golden brown!

Take notes ;)

Items' links:


No-makeup days - How I got more self-confident rediscovering my natural beauty

Posted on 19 agosto 2014


It's a fact: no - make up days make us feel more self-confident and , let's say it all, a day without obstructing our pores with powders and sylicons (I carefully read every product's INCI but I confess that if something really attracts my attention I don't care too much about it!) it's a total relax for our skin.
So here I am, make up free! Make up should be an extra value for every woman but most girls and ladies feel unctractive without a coat of mascara or a slick of eyeliner.
In my personal experience, I got used to no-make up days little by little. I got tired of the thousands beauty products I collected and I wanted to rediscover  my natural beauty.
The results on self-esteem are great, what you have do it's just to give your natural face a chance! You won't regreat it! :)


A glimpse at the most beautiful creations of the bag designer of the month: Delvaux

Posted on 6 agosto 2014

You might think of Rihanna or Cara Delevigne when looking at this first bag by the French bag brand of the moment Delvaux.

But I want to introduce to you the most amazing and unique declinationof the most famous bag by Delvaux, "Le Brilliant". 
Le Brillant
Over the year, the handbag originally designed by Paule Goethals has been produced in various materials, but this year,  the brand has dedicated a homage to this accessory, the collecton "Les Humeurs de Brilliant"; nine creations that symbolise the values of the brand each rivalling the other in technical expertise used to craft these fine leather goods. 
Rihanna wearing "L'Humour" bag

Which is your favourite? 



La Singularité

La Création

Le Savoir-faire

Le Rêve

La Belgitude

La Tradition


Summer make up trend: Dark Lips!

Posted on 3 agosto 2014

I've always loved dark lips (yes, before Lorde make it popular a couple of seasons ago!) but this Summer they're absolutely a Must!
So forget the match pale skin + dark lips, the new combination is tan face and plumy-wine lipstick!
Rihanna picture above clearly shows the trend! Suitable for every skin tone and eye colour, you only have to choose if you want a dark lipstick with an antique rose base (Clarins), fuchsia base (Terry) or brown base (Smashbox)!
Dark Lips