aprile 2014


Quote of the day!

Posted on 30 aprile 2014

I called this post "Quote of the day" but it's not such a proper title.
I should have called it "Quote of a lifetime" but it wouldn't sound as good as quote of the day.
At the age of 22 I've finally realized the importante of these words; I always give my best at everything: love as much I can, study as hard as I can, run as fast as I can...
I do believe that life should be lived at the fullest and without regrets and giving your best at everything is part of the game ;)
Using all of your energy and all of your potential is the best strategy in life to get what you want and desire but we all know that by doing so we can get just the 99% of the opera...
But what about that 1% of..." Lucky"?

Well, in the last 5-6 years I learnt that the harder you work, the luckier you get; failures decrease and satisfactions get bigger and bigger.

Havent' I convinced you yet?

Read the sentence twice, make a mantra out of it and use it to achive your next goal!
Don't forget to let me know the result. I'm sure you won't regret it ;)


Chanel Iman affordable look!

Posted on 25 aprile 2014

Hi everyone! 
This was the outfit worn by model Chanel Iman at Coachella 2014!
The look is so casual and Affordable ;)!
The top (worn as a mini-dress) is part of the 2014 Conscious Collection by H&M which is now available in store and has a cost of just 14.95 Euro.
A pair of canvas and leather boots like these (old) ones by Zara

and a canvas tote bag like this vintage Ralph Lauren 

and this round metal sunnies by Kenneth Cole

to complete the look wear silver long hippy necklaces and bracelets and use purple, dark green and blue hairchalks on the tips of your hair ;)
Last, don't forget an ethnic and colorful headband turban!


Memories form Verona!

Posted on 13 aprile 2014

When you visit Verona it's not so difficult to understand the reason why Shakespeare has set his most famous play "Romeo & Juliet" there. This city is a precious jewel located half hour away from Venice. The monuments are so beautiful that many of themy has been featured on the World Heritage List!
Shakespeare quote 

View from Castelvecchio
Inside the Arena
Sirmione Lake

Lovely duck

View from Terme di Catullo


Postcard from Thailand!

Posted on 10 aprile 2014

Postcard from Thailand

Postcard from Thailand di fra3

Thailand is the place we all should visit at least once in our life!
I think it would be a unique experience and it would open our (better say my) european eyes to a natural beauty which differs completely from our standards concept of wild nature.
I've created the set above, "Postcard from Thailand" inspired by the amazing landscape below:
A floral bodysuit by Dolce & Gabbana, high chain-heels by Tom Ford and the raffia hat by Hat Attack are the main characters.
A couple of drops of Hindu Grass perfume by Nasomatto will immediately create a calm atmosphere all around us.
To enhance a tanned face a touch of mineral  matt &v waterproof powder by Tarte just below the cheekbones.
Anamorphic waterproof mascara by Le Metier de Beautè, Jane Iredale waterproof brown eyeliner, Microshadow waterproof eyeshadow by Make Up Store, Sun Bum lip balm and Moroccain Oil are all you need to carry with you if you want a long lasting make up and hairdo ;)

Set links:

Dolce Gabbana halter top

Hat Attack fedora hat

Tarte face powder

Jane Iredale liquid eyeliner
$30 - thehut.com

Perfume fragrance
$180 - roullierwhite.com

Sun Bum lip care


Embellished Denim!

Posted on 6 aprile 2014

Embellished Denim

Embellished Denim di fra3 contenente jeweled tops

This look is so uplifting ;) I think this shade of blue it's almost therapeutic!
But the thruth must be that those jewels are therapeutics ;)
If the right answer is hard to find, it's so easy to fall in love with these Ermanno Scervino tops and heels and Alexander McQueen clutch, don't you think? ;)

In the set: