Ombre, part II: Lips & Nails!

Posted on 21 aprile 2013

Ombre Lips & Nails
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A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the ombre trend but it was mostly dedicated to dresses and a little bit on eyeshadows :)
Considering the big success of this trend I want to focus my attention on lips and nails!
I think that ombre lips are amazing! They enlight your smile and they make it even more original!
Limecrime is my favourite make up brand at the moment!! (http://www.limecrimemakeup.com/)
I love the nuances of its lipsticks! From frozen mint to light peach!
The same for the nails, lovely and unconventional colors!
The ads of the brand and the packaging of the products are magical, everything look as if it was a fairytale!  

I was talking about Limecrime because its lipstick are perfect to create the ombre lips effect
Here is a 3-colors ombre:


Use "D'Lilac" lipstick on the centre on the lips and than apply "Cosmopop" on the left corner and "No she didn't" on the right corner; then smudge the point in which the colors meet to make your mouth appear unique!

Than the nails, here are the nail laquers!

(From top left to right: Once in a Blue Mousse, Pastelchio, Lavendairy, Crema de Limon, Peaches♥Cream, parfait Day, Milky Ways )

And these are the ombre nails
(Perfectly matching with the lips ;)!!!)

As shown in the set above you just need a little sponge (the foundation one is perfect!).
Draw 2 lines of "Parfait Day" nail laquer 
 on the sponge and then 2 other lines of "Lavendairy" just below!
Apply with a delicate touch on your nail(don't press too much!) and...Done!
It's not difficult and the effect is amazing!!!

Try and post me a pic of your work!:)