BeYourBag - Customize your bag!

Posted on 17 gennaio 2017

Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk about an Italian brand based in Genova, BeYourBag.


The brand was born in 2015 by the idea of Elena and Giacomo, the latter designer and son of Marco Pieri, an Italian company founded fourty years ago in Genova and which designs and produces bags, accessories and travel bags.

BeYourBag is a new concept which combines artisanal know-how with intuition and innovation. Indeed, BeYourBag allows you to create an unique personalised accessory tailor made to your style.

How to create your unique BeYourBag:

On the official website of the brand you can discover 7 different Collections: 

- Be One
- Be Teddy
- Be Exotic
- Be Romantic
- Be Haiku
- Be Classic
- Be The Artist

You can choose the collection which most suits your style and then start customizing your BeYourBag.
First of all you start selecting your favourite bag model between the followings:

                    Tote Bag  -  Big Satchel Bag  -  Small Satchel Bag  -  Beauty  -  Trousse 

Then you can choose your favourite print (between those available in each collection), add your monograms (matching the print or not, as you prefer), add the leather straps, the lining (striped or  dotted) and a message or quote on the inside!

Isn'it it just great? :)

The materials used to create each BeYourBag are excellent: each item is made of a special thermal sublimation textile which guarantees brilliant colors so the shades you see on your monitor will be the same once printed! (No bad surprises!)

Plus, these textiles are waterproof and REACH certified, which guarantees each product respect your health and the environment. The straps are made of Italian leather and resist sun damage and wear.

My experience:

I decided to create my BeYourBag starting from the Be Exotic Collection which includes a beautiful peacock feather print which I chosed in blue. Then I added my monograms in Colibrì print to create a strong contrast with the blue peacock background, added black straps and my name printed on the striped lining. 

While my bag was being created I received an email with a picture of my under-construction bag, a very nice idea to have a preview of the final result! ;)

When I received the bag I was so amazed to see how realistic the print was! Absolutely beautiful and perfect in each detail.


If you're looking for a bag which actually represents you, which you can adapt to your style then BeYourBag is the right choice!  
P.S.: Keep it mind for birthday and graduation presents, a BeYourBag gift will surely surprise who receives it ;)

BeYourBag contacts:

Website: www.beyourbag.it

Facebook: www.facebook.com/beyourbagit

Instagram: www.instagram.com/beyourbagit


Gioielli Cucori: creati "con il cuore"

Posted on 13 dicembre 2016

Alcuni regali sono più belli di altri non perchè più utili o perchè li desideravamo da tempo ma perché fatti davvero con il cuore😍 .
Sì, Cucori, marchio di gioielli creato dalla talentuosa e gentilissima Stefania, significa proprio questo "con il cuore"❤
La collezione comprende collane, orecchini e bracciali tutti caratterizzati dal simbolo della libellula che rappresenta equilibrio, libertà ed è ispirata alla leggerezza dell'essere donna. 
In Cina è simbolo di armonia, prosperità e fortuna, in Giappone di coraggio e forza. 
Un simbolo materializzato con estrema cura da Stefania in puro Argento 925.
Gioielli eleganti ma non impegnativi da indossare ogni giorno, in ogni occasione! 
La cura che Stefania ha dedicato ad ogni dettaglio sia del gioiello che del packaging è davvero eccezionale. 

Un regalo perfetto da donare a persone per voi speciali.

Ed ecco indossata la collana Cucori, elegante e delicata, perfetta per ogni donna.

Se state cercando un regalo per una donna speciale, vi consiglio davvero di regalare un gioiello Cucori.


1 Il simbolo della libellula rappresenta la spensieratezza dell'essere donna ed è estremamente raffinato nella sua semplicità 

2 Tutti i gioielli Cucori sono realizzati in Argento 925

3 Perchè Stefania, l'artista dietro il marchio, è davvero bravissima (oltre che gentilissima!) e credo che acquistare un gioiello Made in Italy sia sempre la scelta migliore per i regali di Natale 

4 Perchè il pacchetto in cui troverete il vostro Cucori è curato in ogni minimo dettaglio e valorizza pienamente il gioiello custodito all'interno

5 Perchè "Cucori" significa "con il cuore" e quindi...

Quale messaggio migliore per un regalo?

Per maggiori informazioni visitate:

Facebook www.facebook.com/cucorigioielli

Instagram www.instagram.com/cucori


StyleWe: Fashion suggestions for a unique Christmas outfit!

Posted on 8 dicembre 2016

Hi there! Have you already decided what to wear for Christmas

If the answer is no, here are some suggestions ;)

On StyleWe you can find the creations of indipendent and very talented fashion designers from all over the world: amazing dresses, tops, skirts, accessories for everyday looks, evening dates, events and... For an unique and outstanding Christmas outfit!

(Read my previous post about StyleWe to know more about this e-commerce here!)

Here below is my selection of dresses, tops and clutches for the Christmas Holidays! 


Red and with lovely ruches. So chic and feminine!

Auchan-Ai - Frill Sleeve Cotton-blend Casual Plain Mini Dress


Grey and with embellished with small beads. So classy!

LONYUASH - Gray Beaded Plain 3/4 Sleeve Crew Neck Tunic



I love the mix of mesh and ruches. Stunning!

UISWAN - Statement Knitted Frill Sleeve Crew Neck Plain Sweater


One-shoulder tops are my favourite! So amazing!

MASKED QUEEN - White One Shoulder Sexy Plain Buttoned Sweater



Flared pants, so stylish!!!

MULAND STUDIO - Black Plain Elegant A-line Flared Pants

But...What about accessories?

A clutch is definetely the accessory which can make a difference! You can opt for shin-golden or jewel-embellished clutches to make your outfit even more festive ;) 

Here are my favourite ones!

RADISH - Beaded PU Small Casual Twist Lock Clutch


AOVO - Clasp Lock Evening Small Beaded Clutch


Hope you liked my selection!

Go now at StyleWe !

See you soon! XX


"Atelier Linda Elizabeth" - Luxury Swimwear

Posted on 12 ottobre 2016

Hi everyone!

As you probably noticed on my Instagram, I managed to collaborate with many bikini brands during the Summer and with one in particular, "Atelier Linda Elizabeth", it's been love at first sight!

Linda is a Feminine Artist and very talented Swimwear Designer. Each of her creations is handmade by her with passion and high quality textiles.

Her bikinis stand out for their stunning lace details, lingerie inspired, which highlight the innate femininity of every woman.

Here I am wearing "Bella Francesca", a self-tie bikini set (white top and salmon bottoms). I am in love with it and I received compliments on it everywhere I wore it!

 To shop Atelier Linda Elizabeth's creations visit her ETSY :

or send her a DM on Instagram: 

P.S. Don't miss the opportunity to have free shipping on your orderJust use my code "PEACOCKSVOICE" ;)


Savue Beauty - Kester Black's nail polish Review

Posted on 22 settembre 2016

The beautiful box from Savue Beauty!

Hi there!

I have recently decided to choose only natural products for my skincare and today I want to talk about a website where you can find amazing natural and organic skincare / makeup products from different brands: Savue Beauty
They are based in Berlin-Germany but ship worldwide!

Here are the values Savue Beauty believes in:

We believe that beauty is reflected in love and care for our souls, bodies and nature.
 We believe in responsible luxury, in beauty products that feel good, have a natural effect and  represent the urban spirit of the time.”

I have recently had the occasion to try the Kerster Black nail polish, one of the make up items available on their website, and here below I share with you my opinions about this product.

Kester Black's nail polishes are made in Australia. Each bottle contains 15 ml of nail polish and on Savue Beauty you can choose between 47 trendy colours!

I choose the colour "Cherry Pie", a bright red colour perfect for every season. 

This is a beautiful and very special nail polish because:

♡ It's free from Toluene, DBD, Camphor, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Ethyl Tosylamide, Triphenyl Phosphate and Xylene.

♡ It's cruelty free 🐇🐰

♡ Vegan ✅

♡ Water permable and breathable 💧

I was so pleased to discover that one coat was enough for a perfect finish! Of course, if you apply a second layer, the result will be even more salon-like but if you're leading a busy life like me, you can definetely apply one coat.
The dying time is very fast and I really appreciate this aspect as well ;)
Last but not least, it lasted for almost a week with very little chipping!
I didn't apply a top coat in order to test the  resistance of the nail polish and I was very surprised to notice that after 5 days only the shiny had gone and, as you can see in the last pic, there was very little chipping on the free edge of the nails.

Vote: 10/10! I definetely recommend you this nail polish. 

Shipping from Savue Beauty was very fast. As you can see in the first pic, the box you receive for your order is very beautiful and the quote "Kiss me, I am all organic" is simply great! ;)

Use my discount code "FRANCESCA" for a 10% off on your order at Savue Beauty!

Inside the box
One coat! Super shiny and full coverage ;)
5 days: Very little chipping on the free edge of the nails


StyleWe - Stunning Fashion items from international designers

Posted on 2 settembre 2016

Hi there!

Today I want to introduce to you an online platform which offers high quality and original fashion products from indipendent designers: StyleWe.

On StyleWe you can find a wide range of fashion products including sportswear, knitwear, dresses and accessories from designers who come from different parts of the world! Isn't it amazing?

Each item has an unique and outstanding style!

Their pants for woman selection includes amazing leather pants, the trendy culotte pants and many other stylish pants.

If you're looking for stunning fashion items, StyleWe has exactly what you're looking for ;)

Here is a selection of my top 4 favourite items on StyleWe:

RXP - White Statement Polyester Crew Neck Paneled Cropped Top

Auchan-Ai - Red Ruffled Half Sleeve Mini Dress

Masked Queen Coffee Plain Pockets Vintage Jumpsuits


Kk2 - Pierced Crew Neck 3/4 Sleeve H-line Simple Cropped Jacket


Last but not least, I recommend you to have a look at their  Black Friday and Cyber Monday selection where you can find high quality items at low price!

Follow them on Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channel for even more fashion inspiration ;) 


PRTTY PEAUSHUN - How to enhance your Summer tan!

Posted on 25 agosto 2016


Today I want to share with you my opinions about a product I am totally in love with:

PRTTY PEAUSHUN Skin Tight Body Lotion!

I had read many enthusiast reviews about this product which is loved by many celebs such as Rihanna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tracy Anderson, Cate Blachett and yes, it definetely conquered my heart and my skin too ;)

PRTTY PEAUSHUN is a Skin Tight body lotion created by makeup artist Bethany Karlyn.
Technically it's a cream but when you try it on you realize that is more than that, it's Photoshop in a pouch, the Instagram filter you have always dreamed for!;)
The micro light-reflecting particles in its forula blur away imperfections such as cellulite, stretch marks and varicose veins!  Its botanical formula is infused with minerals which give your skin a natural, stunning glow and, what's more, it minimizes bruising and soothes sore muscles. 
Last but not least, its natural scent acts as a natural insect repellent!

PRTTY PEAUSHUN comes in two sizes: a small one (89ml) and a bigger one (286ml) both are compact and you can put it in your luggage or in your bag.
It comes in 5 shades: PLAIN - a mix of natural nourishing ingredients but no mineral glow
LIGH - MEDIUM - DARK - DEEP DARK -the same formula of the PLAIN version plus subtle light reflecting minerals which give a sheer flattering glow.

This Summer I managed to achieve an enviable tan and PRTTY PEAUSHUN helped me make it even more glowy! I applied it in the evening before going out and I received many compliments because my skin (especially my legs) looked airbrushed and glowy!
I used it on my body and on my face too - in this case I mixed it with a small amount of BB Cream to correct my imperfections and make my face more radiant!
I haven't tried it on my hair yet but this week I'll definetely try this option too and I'll you the result on my Instagram ;)

If you are enthusiast about your Summer tan I definetely recommend you to give this product a try ;) In case you don't finish the product within the Summer you don't need to worry because the light colour it leaves on the skin is perfect for every season! Applied before wearing a sexy dress it will give you a nice glow in just few seconds! PRTTY PEAUSHUN is not a self tan and once dried it doesn't stain your clothes so I am sure you will love it and you will use it all year long ;)

If you live in the United State you can buy PRTTY PEAUSHUN on its official website,
If you live in Europe I definetely recommend you to buy it at Amazingy.com - they offer and eccellent service and a fast delivery!